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How to set up wireless (Wi-Fi 802.11 g) connected to Microseven camera and wireless router?

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Step 1     Double-click the shortcut icon on your desktop to launch M7CMS.

Step 2     Click camera name or right click on the live camera screen to pull up camera short-cut menu, and select Properties, then go to camera setup properties dialog.

Step 3     Click Camera > Network Settings to go to Network settings page.

Step 4     Setup wireless network properties.

  1. Set wireless to ‘Enable’
  2. Set wireless IP address, default is, you need to assign your own wireless IP address and must match your Gateway, first three numbers must be identical.
    Example, your wireless router gateway is, here the first three values are 192.168.1.
    Then your wireless IP address may assign to 192.168.1.xxx
    Subnet mask, default is
    Gateway, default is, you have to find out your LAN network default gateway.
  3. Set Default Gateway as ‘Wireless LAN’.
  4. Then click on Apply button, a Network Settings window will pop up saying “Apply settings successfully.”, then click OK.

Step 5     Go to Camera > Wireless Settings tab.

Step 6     Search SSID and Security type

  1. Click on Search.
  2. Find your own SSID and click Add.

  3. Type your Security Key, there are “WEP/WPA/NONE”.

  4. After you correctly input your Key, then click on Apply button, a Camera Configuration window pops up saying “Apply settings successfully.”, then click OK.

  5. Then click on Close.
  6. Wait for 15 to 20 second. After camera reboots, you will see video shown again.

  7. Go to your Microseven Camera Locator to do search.

  8. If you find your wireless IP address in the list, you have connected to wireless 802.11 G in the network.
  9. Now you can unplug your Ethernet cable and use wireless connection.

How to view Microseven network camera on IE browser?

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Step 1     Enter your Microseven network camera URL, for example,

Network Camera | Microseven

Step 2     Control panel home page will be shown in the following:

Network Camera | Microseven

Step 3     Enter Username, Password, and Port number.

  • Default username is: admin
  • Default password is: password
  • Default port is: 9660

Step 4     Click Login button. Then live video will be shown in the following snapshot.

Network Camera | Microseven
Network Camera | Microseven Please make sure the following things have been done Before you view camera with IE:

  • Connect Microseven camera to your LAN network.
  • Find your camera and its IP address with Microseven IP Locator.
  • Download and installed Microseven Camera ActiveX.

For more details, please refer How to set up Microseven camera?

What is the default username and password?

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*** View you Microseven network camera on IE browser

Network Camera | Microseven

  • Default Username: admin.
  • Default Password: password.

*** View you Microseven network camera on your PC using Microseven software

Network Camera | Microseven

  • Default User ID: admin.
  • Default Password: password.

    In the previous version, Password was: admin

How to set up Microseven camera?

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Step 1    Connect Microseven network camera to your local area network (LAN)

  1. Connect Microseven network camera to power supply 12V DC.
  2. Connect Microseven network camera through Ethernet to router or switch using Cat5E Ethernet cable.

Step 2     Install Microseven Camera Software

  1. Install Microseven software from installation CD.
    *** Installation software can be downloaded from Microseven website (microseven.com) with your login account.
  2. Insert CD to your computer.
  3. Run ‘MicrosevenSoftwareFullversion3.xx.exe’, to set up Microseven camera software.

Step 3     Find camera in your network

  1. Double click the shortcut icon Network Camera | Microseven on your desktop to launch M7 cam locator.Network Camera | Microseven
  2. Click on ‘Search’ button. Cameras in your local area network (LAN) will be shown on the lst.Network Camera | Microseven
  3. Highlight the camera you want to set up and double click, then the ‘Camera Setup’ dialog will pop up.Network Camera | Microseven
  4. Select ‘IP Type’ in the pop window. You must select ‘Static IP Address‘ in the drop down list.
  5. There are default LAN settings with the Microseven network camera:
    – Default IP address is
    – Default gateway IP address is
    – Subnet mask is
    – Default device port is 9660
    – Default TCP/IP port is 80
    – Default password is ‘admin’
    – Default password is ‘password’

    Check your own gateway IP address and your own LAN IP address. Make sure your gateway IP address is the same as your LAN IP address. If you are not sure what your gateway and IP addresses are, please consult IT engineers.

    M7 If you LAN wireless router gateway is, you can use default values above and set them up in your Microseven network camera.

  6. Click ‘Apply’ button to finish.
  7. There is a ‘Reset (factory)’ button if you want to your Microseven camera to factory default values.
  8. Wait for about 15 – 20 seconds, and Microseven network camera will automatically reboot.

Step 4    Viewing the camera

*** To view camera with web browser (IE) ***

  1. Enter the camera IP address in URL, URL is and hit enter, then Microseven camera web base system login page will be showed in the following.Network Camera | Microseven
  2. To download ActiveX for camera, click on link of ‘Microseven IP Camera Web Software’, then install it.
  3. After finishing your installation, type ‘Username’ and ‘Password’, and then click ‘Login’. Default Username and Password for web system is ‘admin / password‘.
  4. Then live video will be shown in the following snapshot.Network Camera | Microseven

*** To view camera with Microseven camera software ***

Network Camera | Microseven

  1. Double-click icon Microseven on desktop to launch Microseven camera software.
  2. Type default User ID and Password ‘admin / password‘, then click OK to login to Microseven surveillance system in the following snapshot. Microseven network camera has not been added yet. Wee will now add camera location and camera information.Network Camera | Microseven
  3. Click on ‘Camera Setup…’ button, and choose ‘Group Setting’ to add a new camera group (example, Los Angeles as first Group Name). You type Group Name in the field.Network Camera | Microseven
  4. Click OK, then you have created Group Name in Group Setting.
  5. Then you click on ‘Camera Setting’, select ‘Group Setting’, select a name in the drop down list and click OK
    Network Camera | Microseven
  6. Type your IP address of camera or domain name, (example, you can type, Port is 9660, Channel goes CH1, Stream Type is Primary Stream.
  7. Type your User ID and Password of your camera, default User ID is ‘admin’, and Password is ‘password’.
  8. Then click ‘Add’. Then click OK.
  9. Then click ‘Cancel’ on Microseven Camera pop window.
  10. Now you have added Microseven network camera in the system.
  11. Then you can see video in Microseven Software.Network Camera | Microseven

Setting Up Network Camera for View on Any Internet Browser

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! Make sure you have set up your Microseven Network Camera. Instructions can be found at http://www.microseven.com


*To view your Microseven Network Camera on any computer with an internet connection and on any browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, etc.)


Before continuing, please make sure you have VLC media player installed. To check if you have VLC Media player installed, visit http://www.microseven.com/vlc.html?ip= Your firewall might prompt you to block the plug-in; please unblock for viewing.

Unblock VLC plug-in for viewing
If you can see the live stream, skip to step 2. If you cannot see the live stream, go to step 1.1.

STEP 1.1

Go to http://www.videolan.org/vlc/ to download the installer. After clicking “Download VLC”, the website will redirect to “Sourceforge” and the file will start downloading.

STEP 1.2

After downloading the installer, run it. If there is a security warning, just click “Run”. Follow the instructions of the installer. When you reach the “Choose Components” section, be sure to select “Full” for your installation.

VLC Media Player Installation

STEP 1.3

Continue the installation and click “Finish”. You may now continue to Step 2.


Prepare your own camera’s IP address and set the port to 554.


To view your camera, type in the URL with the following format: http://www.microseven.com/vlc.html?ip=%5Bip address]&port=554

(For example, http://www.microseven.com/vlc.html?ip=

Your camera’s live stream should now be displayed in your browser.

If your camera did not show up after these steps, or if you have further questions, don’t hesitate to ask a question to support@microseven.com

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Live streaming from Microseven network cameras

Posted in Network Cameras, Video servers, Webcams by microseven on July 1, 2010

Microseven provides live streaming from Microseven network cameras. The streaming on the Internet will work for IE, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.

Click here http://www.microseven.com/


A Field Cam (Hydrologic Video from Remote Water Level Camera)

Posted in Network Cameras, Webcams by microseven on June 3, 2010


Here is a short time lapse video. It’s a quick look at the challenging lighting conditions we’re encountering in the field.

The camera is M7-RC550WS.

Dana Point Beaches Webcam, California

Posted in Network Cameras, Webcams by microseven on May 30, 2010

Dana Point Beaches Webcam is located in Dana Point, California. The Microseven network camera model is M7-HSDDNWS-26X. Live streaming is over the Internet and there is no delay on the 25 fps. It can be under very cold weather condition.

Wilma Cam, Montana, USA

Posted in Network Cameras, Webcams by microseven on May 30, 2010

Wilma Cam, Montana
Webcam is from Microseven network camera, model is M7-PTZDWS-18X . It is the popular IP network camera, there are Ethernet and wireless access to Internet and PTZ and 18X zoom.

To setup live images from network camera and embedded on your website

Posted in Network Cameras, Webcams by microseven on April 18, 2010

New command to view still image on your website is:

Hi everyone, if you have live webcam time setup on your website, the following information you must need to know.
More traffic on your website, longer time (second) given.

It will meet both IE and firefox browsers.

New camera image pixel is 704X480 and larger. It is about 154,578KB size. On the Internet, any browsers request it, it will take more than x second. In the LAN, it won’t have any downloading image time because it is faster enough. You project demo, it may have 50 people view at same time, and it cause refresh issue.
This version of firmware is solved issue. Allow as many as student or people to browser the demo on the website. If you think of 50 people browser the demo from USA or Europe, you need to set up interval 10 second. The camera won’t crash for still image. The same time, there is video running, and ftp pushing actions on the camera.

The parameters:

:> ip =
:> port = 7777 (web port – no video port 9660)
:> channel = 1 (camera only is 1 default)
:> w = 352 (default)
:> h = 240 (default)


Go to your phone which has browser function:
our demo:

all default values is not showed.

Step of your update firmware on your new camera:
1. Download firmware v1.3.7.4b from http://www.microseven.com
2. Download software CMS Full version 3.430

Setup snapshot = 10 seconds, it plans for large volumes of students or people. More people more than 10 seconds purpose on the Internet traffic.

Use http://www.microseven.com home page demo script on your website. Copy it from there, so in Firefox, still image will go smooth, won’t see refresh on the Firefox screen.

Old camera has small size of image, it won’t have above issue.

You also use other method which post image using ftp from camera end to your ftp website and keep the file name is the same.



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